Tax Return Preparation

Did you know that all US Citizens and Greencard Holders are required to file a US tax return even if they live and work overseas?


Many US inviduals who live and work overseas believe they are not required to file a return if they live outside the US.  Some rely on the foreign earned income exclusion and feel that if they make less the the maximum exlusion allowed by the IRS for inviduals working and living abroad.   This is the wrong assumption.  The exclusion is only available if you file a return and elect the exclusion.

The preparation of a US and state tax return is failry complex and should be performed by a qualified tax professional.  Currently, the IRS does not regulate who can become a US tax preparer.  Accordingly, US expats should be very diligent in selcting the right tax professional.  Some of the criteria that should be considered is:

Professional Licenses Held

Years of Experience

E-Filing Capabilties

Document Security

Professional Affiliations



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