Richard A. Garcia, CPA

As an expatriate living and working in Mexico City, I was able to experience first-hand the challenges that face an American living overseas.   I wanted to provide expatriates with a firm designed to meet the special tax needs of Americans living overseas.   Given the lack of opportunities to meet face to face with my clients, I implemented the latest technologies to ensure I met all my potential clients.  I believe it is very important that potential clients have the opportunity to meet me even if it is virtually. 

Since starting OTA, I have assisted over 1,000 expatriates in filing their federal and state income tax returns.  Recently, I have spent considerable amount of my time assisting US taxpayers wishing to enter the various IRS expatriate compliance programs.

I have a proven track record and look forward to working with you soon!


Richard A. Garcia, CPA

Florida CPA License #20018
Bachelor of Accounting, May 1987
Master of Science in Taxation, May 1988